Secure Transactions: a foolproof system

Our secure payment system is based on advanced encryption technology that protects our customers' sensitive data. Therefore, all information entered during payment is encrypted and sent directly to our banking partner, Crédit Agricole, who securely processes them. This method ensures that the data cannot be intercepted by malicious third parties and helps prevent fraud.

Accepted Cards: Visa and Mastercard

We accept payments by Visa and Mastercard, the two most widely used credit cards in the world. These cards are recognized for their security and reliability, allowing us to offer our customers a simple and fast payment solution.

Mobile Compatibility: Easy and Secure Access

Our ecommerce site is compatible with mobile devices, allowing our customers to place orders from their smartphone or tablet. Mobile payments are also secure, thanks to our advanced encryption system.

Banking Partner: Crédit Agricole

Our secure payment system is ensured by our banking partner, Crédit Agricole. This bank is recognized for its security and reliability in online payment processing. Through this collaboration, we can offer our customers a secure, reliable, and user-friendly payment solution.

In summary, we make every effort to ensure that our customers can make online payments with peace of mind, thanks to a secure payment system and collaboration with a trusted banking partner.